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Vision & Mission

To promote Pharmaceutical Medicine by enhancing the knowledge, expertise and skills of pharmaceutical professionals, thus leading to the availability and appropriate use of medicines for the benefit of patients and society

Aim & Objectives

A ) To act as the organization of Pharmaceutical professionals by dealing with matters brought to its attention by industry, regulatory bodies, academic authorities and international organizations

B ) To foster the development and recognition of Pharmaceutical Medicine as a separate medical specialty with its specific body of knowledge and distinctive fields of professional responsibilities

C ) To foster the development of training and continuing educational programs in Pharmaceutical Medicine for enhancing the knowledge, expertise and skills of pharmaceutical professionals

D ) To define the role of Pharmaceutical professionals and establish its value

E ) To promote a closer relationship and understanding between the medical and allied professions, regulatory authorities and IFAPP for dealing with matters and issues in Pharmaceutical Medicine

F ) To organize conferences on Pharmaceutical Medicine and to arrange any other meetings as deemed necessary